Status of the Stocks


Every year, as a tool for all stakeholders interested in tuna management, we produce a Status of the Stocks report that scientifically assesses 23 commercial tuna stocks worldwide based on the most recent abundance and fishing mortality data estimated by RFMOs.

The comprehensive report indicates how a stock is being managed—including through reference points and harvest control rules—and whether it is at "healthy" levels, overfished, or in danger of becoming overfished. Status of the Stocks also examines the environmental impact of tuna fishing on other marine species, or “bycatch.”

To visualize current and historical data from our stock report—on tuna stock health, and tuna catch by fishing method—use our Interactive Stock Status Tool. You can download and share the customized graphics you create.

Global Tuna Fisheries & the MSC Standard

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is a globally recognized sustainable-seafood program. Helping tuna fisheries to meet sustainability criteria continues to be ISSF's ultimate objective. All of ISSF's work, including its tools and programs, support MSC certification and fishery improvement more broadly. ISSF publishes an independent report that evaluates and "scores" tuna stocks against MSC principles focused on stock status and management effectiveness (Principle 1 and Principle 3, respectively).

ISSF also has published a preliminary report by MSC auditors who pre-assessed tuna fisheries based on MSC Principle 2 (environmental impact). Read more about the MSC certification process and fisheries improvement on our main website.